Football ANTI-BURST – a strengthening ball for fitness. This is a practical and compact sports equipment that helps treat a large number of areas of the breasts, pelvis, and also all areas of the abdomen. The accessory has a traditional round shape, but is made from a high-quality material that provides the so-called anti-vibration effect. The material of the ball is elastic and springy. This means that the ball does not shine more brightly under significant pressure. The anti-swell effect also prevents the ball from swelling too much or from swelling when punctured or cut. With such a simulator you can keep your whole body in wonderful shape, giving you the necessary attention for good self-esteem and health. On the Internet you can find a lot of video lessons on the rights to this type of ball. The compact design of the football has its uninterrupted advantage. The accessory takes up very little space in an unpumped-up look. It is made from environmentally friendly polyvinyl chloride and is a non-toxic product. The kit includes a pump for inflation. You can use the ANTI-BURST football ball • you can use the football ball to do gymnastics, fitness, yoga, for fat-sparing exercises • it can be an invisible element in most basic strength training programs • it is ideal for Suitable for working on problem areas: buttocks, arms, stomach , quilts, as well as for rehabilitation purposes for medical purposes • for recreational purposes • for use in the home or in the gym • suitable for backyards, schools, children's centers, amusement parks, swimming pools • for walk for children igor Mayuchi is such a ball , you can ensure regular care for your entire body and mind.

Diameter 55
Material PVC
Maximum load, kg 400
Weight, kg 0.96

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