Makiwara is a pillow-like exercise machine that can be used both to work in pairs and when attached to a vertical surface - handles or special fastenings are provided for this. At first, these devices were used only in karate and martial arts, but today they are actively used in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, etc. classes.

Athletes involved in karate, taekwondo and other martial arts will agree that makiwara is the simplest, but most effective simulator with which you can deliver a blow and develop its power and strength. Regular and consistent training with makiwara allows patient and persistent fighters to achieve amazing results - impeccably accurate and powerful, devastating blows.

It is recommended that you begin makiwara exercises under the guidance of an experienced mentor so that the training is safe and your strike quickly gains strength and power, becoming correct and accentuated.


Suitable for all types of martial arts. Hand makiwara is used to practice punches and kicks in sparring. The athlete works off bruises in real conditions without fear of injuring an impromptu opponent. Due to the sewn-in straps, it securely fixes the hand, this prevents the makiwari from twisting and flying off the hand.

Paws and makiwaras
Color Black
Dimensions, sm 55 х 35 х 8
Material Natural skin

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Makiwara SPORTKO double luxury leather M1 black

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