A clapper racket is one of the types of paws designed to develop a fighter’s agility, flexibility and stretch when striking. The outside shape resembles a racket. It is held by a special handle and when hit correctly, the racket makes a characteristic sound. Thanks to this sound, the second name of this paw appeared - a firecracker. The first name appeared due to its racket-shaped shape.

The racket is designed for practicing precise kicks in taekwondo or other martial arts that use kicking techniques. The speed of strikes increases, dynamic flexibility develops, combinations of strikes are practiced.

Shock-absorbing EVA foam, thanks to the distribution of the shock wave, absorbs impact very well. The projectile retains its attractive appearance throughout its service life.

Paws and makiwaras
Color Black
Dimensions, sm 40 х 20
Material Artificial leather

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SPORTKO cracker racket for taekwondo PX1

  • Brand: SPORTKO
  • Product Code: РХ1 black
  • Availability: 1
  • ₴559.00