• Set of hand expanders Hand Grip Kit 5 pcs.

The Hand Grip Kit provides the user with amazingly high quality and reliable results, made from durable material that can withstand even the toughest tasks. Prepare for unrivaled quality, made from the most advanced materials and designed with perfect ergonomics in mind. This device is ideal for everyday use. meet your expectations

Hand expander Hand Grip Kit 10–60 kg is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a reliable and durable device made of modern and durable material. This product is sure to provide top-notch results for years to come. Our handle is made from the highest quality materials and designed with the utmost craftsmanship to ensure the highest quality. With a durable design and anti-slip handle, this handle won't let you down. Our handle is crafted with the highest craftsmanship and made from high quality materials to meet any expectation. The ergonomic design complements the anti-slip handle for superior performance.

Resistance Gel Egg - Targeting your forearms and hand strengtheners, fingers and wrists, provide the ideal way to build hand strength and improve your grip. The highly elastic gripping ball is made of silicone gel. Unlike most workouts, you can take this handheld exercise machine with you and train wherever you go.

The resistance band is the ideal portable solution for training. Relieves minor hand and wrist pain. Promote the stimulation of acupuncture on the palm to maintain fluid circulation in the blood. Basic equipment for arm muscles. Ideal for the elderly, rehabilitation groups, people who need to increase arm/hand strength. Lightweight and soft.

The Grip Piano expander is an exercise for each finger exerciser individually or to strengthen the entire hand. Isolates and trains each finger individually to develop strength, agility and endurance. The range of motion and response time between the fingers and the palm rest have ridges that can be used for massage. Double-sided spring made of high-strength steel, while the service life is increased, the strength is also increased. High quality ABS shell, high strength, not easy to deform.

Carpal expander for fingers - exercise and stretching of fingers. Premium Silicone: Hand grip enhancer made of premium silicone with liquid and double borders. Crack-resistant and durable. Strengthening and restoration of muscles.

Equipment Carpal spring expander, gel egg expander, ring expander, Grip Piano expander, wrist expander for fingers.
Packing size, cm 18х11,5х5,5

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Set of hand expanders Hand Grip Kit 5 pcs.

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