Improved badminton racket provides a fast and controlled swing with improved push off thanks to the new frame Our racket is designed for players who drive their opponents into the back of the court with incredible speed. The thinner upper sides of the frame minimize air drag for greater head speed, while the thicker lower sides of the head create maximum push through greater frame rigidity. This significantly increases the repulsion power, strength and striking power of the racket.

The square shape of the frame is designed to maintain the same length of vertical strings, as well as to create an extended sweet spot in all directions. The frame reduces air resistance and allows for faster swinging. Racket - Provides additional flexibility to speed up frame recovery after impact. Also provides vibration dampening and a comfortable fit on the thumb.

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Badminton set HUOBAN

  • Brand: HUOBAN
  • Product Code: HUOBAN SB-6209
  • Vendor Code: 160004
  • Availability: 1
  • 729 грн.