The triangular training chip is easy to carry, lightweight and folds compactly. Bright coloring allows you to see the object even at long distances against the background of various surfaces.

Most of all, chips are used in football, due to their visibility against the background of a green lawn, but they will become useful equipment in almost any sport and for outdoor activities. For example, designate a field for playing badminton, designate the boundaries of the permissible play area for children in nature. The chips are also suitable for training and marking the road in roller sports, cycling and even skating.

The main advantages of the chips are the practicality of the product and the low likelihood of injury during use. Hard non-toxic plastic is used in production. Thanks to the high quality of materials, the product can boast of durability. The price of the chip is low, so it is accessible to everyone. The product has compact dimensions: 18*18*18 cm, and height - 5 cm.

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Triangular training chips green

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