How to develop speed and endurance without going to the gym? Just jump rope!

The high-speed metal jump rope from the BAR2FIT brand is one of the best sports equipment for professional athletes and those who play sports at home. The rope cord is made of steel cable, covered with nylon braid and is quite lightweight. This allows you to make the maximum number of jumps in a short period of time. At the same time, the training pace is quite high. Comfort during jumping is provided by ergonomic handles with a special anti-slip coating. Holding such handles, you can exercise calmly without worrying about them slipping or falling out. In turn, the bearings minimize cord friction during rapid rotation. Exercises with a jump rope create intense stress on the cardiovascular system and muscles. And training with this sports equipment, with well-developed technique, is comparable to a long and difficult jog. Jumping rope for weight loss is no less effective and allows you to burn from 700 to 1000 calories per hour. The undeniable advantages of the projectile also include compactness, lightness, accessibility, attractive design, wear resistance and the ability to be used in enclosed spaces, for example, in a gym, as well as in open spaces.

The jump rope is made of durable cable and has two small aluminum handles at the ends that fit perfectly into the palm.


1. The ability to make the maximum number of jumps per unit of time

2. Creating a significant load on the cardiovascular system and muscles

3. Ergonomic anti-slip handles

4. Wear resistance of the cord

5. The presence of bearings that ensure rapid rotation of the cord and prevent its friction

6. Possibility of use indoors and outdoors

7. Availability

8. Attractive design

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Speed ​​jump rope BAR2FIT red

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