The best self-massage device - treat yourself to a well-deserved massage without anyone's help! Simply use these rollers to apply pressure to sore and tense muscles, trigger points and witness the progressive benefits they have to offer. Let's get it real - whether you are undergoing professional physical therapy, doing fitness training every day as an athlete, or just a casual user who just wants to get rid of fatigue after a long day, these videos are your best gift.

Same hardness for all colors Lighter is better: Using our manufacturing technology, we have developed peanut balls that weigh only half the weight of other balls on the market, but are still strong under the weight. To provide better mobility, we placed the balls further apart to provide a smooth massage experience that other rollers don't have. Has no smell. Made from 100% thermoplastic rubber, our rollers do not have the unpleasant rubbery or chemical smell of many other balls and are safe for adults and children. Ball massager for acupressure and reflexology, allowing complete control of pressure on specific painful areas of the body.

Diameter, cm 6
Length, cm 12
Material TPR (thermoplastic rubber)
Type Balls
Weight, kg 0,29

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Massage ball double BAX green

  • Brand: BAX
  • Product Code: SB-03 Green
  • Vendor Code: 160305
  • Availability: 2
  • 259 грн.